POP3 + Handheld stabilizer

been playing with POP3 and the Handheld Stabilizer and while everything works fine, for some reason start-button in Stabilizer does nothing… everything is connected as far as I can see … any thoughts ? All software in latest version also.

Hi @mnice

May I ask if you are using an Android phone? If yes, you can use this method below to identify if the buttons on the handheld stabilizer are damaged.

Please download the app on your Android phone.

And then follow the steps in the video to test if you can see the codes generated every time you press the button. If the codes don’t generate, it means the button is damaged.

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Both Windows and Androind but I’ll check the video and let you know :slight_smile:

Actually it works in Android but not with Windows :frowning: I should have latest version and all… I have Revo Scan 5.4.7.

If your Android phone is working fine, the issue might be that your handheld stabilizer is not connected to the Bluetooth on your computer.

Please go to the Bluetooth settings on your computer, find “Handheld Stabilizer,” and connect it. Then see if it works properly.

All are connected and visible in the app but button does nothing…

Hi @mnice

After testing, we realized that this is a bug in the software and we need to spend some time checking it.

Thank you for raising this issue! We will let you know when it is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. :pray:

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