Stabilizer cannot connect


Ive got the latest software installed. I tried to connect my handheld stabilizer to my pc + Revo Scan without any luck.
Issues Ive got:

  • Wifi connection is not possible since Revopoint requires a 5G connection instead of 2.4G. My dongle is not 5G capable. Not a single word on this in the poor user manual. Took me 30mins to figure out that it is not gonna work.

  • Bluetooth is connected but again it is not very clear what I should do when connecting it via Bluetooth. My pc finds 2 things:

REVO_PRODUCT (media device)

Unsure what the “PRODUCT” is and why I need it. Yet not a word on it in the user manual.

Although both are connected to my pc the stabilizer is not recognised by the Windows software. When I hit the scan button in software the software says:


Blue led & green leds on stabilizer lit steady. Software also shows a green led in the bottom of the software.
Can anyone shed some light on this? Ive attached a few pics.


Another pic attached…


The pc needs to connect to the scanners wifi.
If not then no scanner found will be displayed.

Next the stabilizer connect via bluetooth to the scanner itself. Not the pc.

And all thks connection does is map the play button to the stabilizer button.

As for you being on a 2g wifi and having no 5g wifi. I do not know about that.
All my devices can connect to both. So i have not seen this error.
But sounds like you need a new wifi dongle that supports both 2/5g

My mobile wifi search clearly shows that REVO has 5G wifi only. There is no 2.4G wifi from REVO stabilizer.
I think the user manual needs an extensive update…
I attached another screenshot of the software’s user manual. Either you dont know much of Bluetooth connection or Revopoint.
The Bluetooth CAN be connected to the PC!
I just absolutely love watching Youtube videos where always everything works flawlessly out of box… yet when you receive it takes half a day to actually start and connect a hardware as the manufacturer don’t think the client should know how to connect their own device. It’s rather frustrating…

The stabilizer don’t need 5Ghz WiFi , it uses only Bluetooth, MINI need 5GHz WiFi and will not works on 2.4GHz no matter what you do , and you can find it the specifications even on the product page
Same goes to POP2 since the begining .
It is impossible to run a scanner using 2.4GHz wifi .

What do you mean half day ? You just connect it to Bluetooth on your PC , connect MINI to WiFi and you ready to go , I do that the very first time I got the stabilizer without reading a manual.
What else is there to do ? Nothing
Since there are no special settings either .

@Xile6 tried to help you out here.
Not need for that tone .

The reason it is not working is your PC wifi and nobody elses fault.

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