Someone near Boston

I’m looking for some near Boston (a 2 hour drive is fine) with a POP2 or Mini. I am considering buying one or the other, for the purpose of scanning violins and violin-like instruments. These are at least mildly polished, and so I am wondering how well the scanning will work for them. (And, no, I am absolutely not going to spray anything on the instrument. Not allowed. Forget it.)

Thanks for your help/
Contact me dgolber AT aol DOT com

From your task description and concerns (I had the same restrictions on scanning a computer motherboard), do not get the Mini alone; it is designed for smaller objects. It is possible to do what you want, but probably far more work.

The POP 2 may do what you want, but you may want to hold off and get the Range scanner (soon to be offered on Kickstarter). It has the ability to scan the entire length of the violin(-like) instruments at once so you will not lose tracking. The POP 2 could scan in Body mode, but I have read that the Range scanner has better resolution in the distances that overlap.

I would think that the more powerful scanning beam will be more likely to illuminate dark wood, but you may have problems with any of the scanners if the wood’s finish reflects too much light.

Hi @dgolber you can’t scan shiny surfaces with 3D scanners .
The reflection will create micro noises .
You also can’t use 3D spray on your wooden instruments as that is not recommended even when using vanishing 3D spray , it can affect the instrument or the surface .

You can use POP2 or better upcoming Range soon on KS in couple of days if the wood is not too much shiny, I tried to scan various wood surfaces and it worked fine with POP2 and Range on a semi polished wood , ( satin)
I would not recommend MINI for that type of scanning , it is not made for scanning that size of objects .

Just add RANGE to the list of thigs I’d like to try. And an all-day drive is possible.

I’m still interested in trying a RANGE or POP2 somewhere near Boston … a long drive is OK.
dgolber AT aol DOT com

Can you not use something like talc?