Pop2, mini or other

In the market for a scanner. I have been looking at the einstar really hard last few weeks but learned yesterday that anything below around 100-150mm gave poor results with no detail.

Now my plan is to not normally scan anything that small it would be used more for smaller brackets, mounts and things along that nature. My largest I would probably ever scan would be half a bumper at that or maybe just the brackets for it.
I feel the mini may be to small for what I would need and the pop2 may fit better. Anyone compare the pop2 to the einstar by chance?

Sorry for all the questions i was just set on the einstar and now I’m back at square one trying to find a good match.
The new range would be way to large for what I would need.

Any help, info or ideas would be appreciated.

IMHO now it is either Mini or Range of Revopoint scanners - both POP and POP2 are obsolete. But considering “half a bumper” you’ll need too much luck with Mini to actually do it.

I thought I read the range was not made for anything on the small scale like below like 12”x12”x12”?

have a look at PUTV post,

I wouldn’t say the POP2 is obsolete, its a very useful tool

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The first prototype yes , but the official last prototype can scan easy anything around 50x50x50 mm of course the accuracy on that small object will be not as great as scanning with MINI or POP2.

In my experiences Range really shine on objects around 15-28cm/6-12inches and up
For anything else I use POP2 or MINI

In short Range is not a replacement for POP2 , but if you have just MINI it will do it as range extender for your scans.

I think you going to be fine with POP2 for the smaller objects and you can scan a half bumper using Body mode and POP2 as well or a full person if you want as I do that too many times already .

I would not recommend Range for smaller objects than 15cm/150mm as the accuracy will be too low on the volume details compared to POP2 at the distance of 15cm .

If you have a specific question about scanning automobile part @Johnathan do that on a daily basis with both scanners so he have direct experience with it and can give you honest opinion .


Thank you for tagging him. I’ll let him chime in before i ask any questions tho. The bumper statement was just an example of what I might scan. Almost all stuff would be let’s say air intake size but I guess the actual area would be a little Bigger in the engine bay.

I don’t have a real daily use for this it would all be fore personal testing and playing around really.

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this scan is with the POP2 in feature mode back in may 2022, POP2 can easily scan this kind of stuff when used correctly, the range just makes the big stuff easy

motorcycle light scanned with the MINI

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What about smaller items on the pop2 or range?

My largest would be a bumper and that’s pushing the size I would do o think. I’d say most would be a 12x12x12” area or a 24”x24”x24” area probably max.

Thanks for the samples.