POP 2 for Guitar Bodies

Greetings all,
I’m contemplating the POP 2 to scan some guitar bodies into Fusion 360. I have yet to see any examples of guitar related scans. Curious if the POP 2 would be up for the task? Thanks for any feedback.

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The neck of the guitar, with all its repeated frets at regular intervals, is likely to fool the tracking algorithm, but unique body shapes will be less of a problem, especially if you scan from a greater distance in Body mode (or not).

Just yesterday, I scanned a very smooth bowl in Marker mode at the Too far distance; my results were still within 0.8mm (which was adequate for my task).

Electronic guitar ? I have one i can do a test on if you want, it will need scanning spray as it’s very shiny black, i also have an old one with everything removed from the body so could test that also if you are more interested in that

Much appreciated, thanks for offering. My POP 2 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I’ve got a stack of various non-painted guitar bodies waiting to be scanned. Will post some results soon.

Makes sense regarding the fretboard. Will post a follow-up soon as my POP 2 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

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I am VERY interested in this! I absolutely love 3d printing guitar bodies!!! Would love to see some unique guitars scanned and made available to print.

Some I printed. It is hard to find the guitar bodies available!


I also own a few guitar and is also happy to assist with testing.

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Revopoint 3D Scanner scanning Guitar Body. - YouTube For those that like guitars

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You TEASE! You stopped before it printed LOL Looked really good. I would love to get some of the rarer guitars to scan and 3d print. They take a long time to print but damn it is so cool.
Thanx for the video!!

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I’m considering getting the pop2 for scanning guitars, just wondered how successful it has been?

Thanks for posting your scanned guitar video, it was really helpful, would you be able to do one of the neck? Do you think you could get pro results with multiple scans?

Hi sorry for the delay - I was traveling :rofl: I can see when I have time to do more scans of guitar body with the neck.

Yes always , scan multiple angles and do not try to capture everything at once , one 369 degrees rotation on one angle and move to next , then merge it for best accuracy and result . It will be much easier than trying to scan everything at once .