POP 2 for Guitar Bodies

Greetings all,
I’m contemplating the POP 2 to scan some guitar bodies into Fusion 360. I have yet to see any examples of guitar related scans. Curious if the POP 2 would be up for the task? Thanks for any feedback.

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The neck of the guitar, with all its repeated frets at regular intervals, is likely to fool the tracking algorithm, but unique body shapes will be less of a problem, especially if you scan from a greater distance in Body mode (or not).

Just yesterday, I scanned a very smooth bowl in Marker mode at the Too far distance; my results were still within 0.8mm (which was adequate for my task).

Electronic guitar ? I have one i can do a test on if you want, it will need scanning spray as it’s very shiny black, i also have an old one with everything removed from the body so could test that also if you are more interested in that

Much appreciated, thanks for offering. My POP 2 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I’ve got a stack of various non-painted guitar bodies waiting to be scanned. Will post some results soon.

Makes sense regarding the fretboard. Will post a follow-up soon as my POP 2 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

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I am VERY interested in this! I absolutely love 3d printing guitar bodies!!! Would love to see some unique guitars scanned and made available to print.

Some I printed. It is hard to find the guitar bodies available!


I also own a few guitar and is also happy to assist with testing.

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