Some improvement to do thanks

Good morning, I use Pop with surface go I5
I have big problem to set the parameter because the simbol is very little
Is possible to solve the problem…
and how I must do to set manualli the brightness I seen that is better when I can set… I try to use automatic
but if you can made a video If you explain well how to use parameters when to use more and when less …
it would be great.
Also if you insert a way to autorotate the scan into a plane… would be great… othervise I have always the scan to be imported in other software to rotate and adjust…
Also is possible to show in handy studio the name of the model… so when I must save I remember how to save…
Because when I made several scan and after join toghether some time I go in confusion… and don’t remember which file I have imported…

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Thank you for your feedback. I will share your suggestions with our developer team. We will consider them seriously.

Best Regards

Many thanks
also how do I turn all surfaces in the same direction when I opend in other software
there are problem … and how I can eliminate the shadow when I scan… the red part is all shadow that
the scanner leave when scan… many thanks

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