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Hii :slight_smile:
I spend a lot of time learning about the POP2 scanner. I believe that this is great hard- and software. Nevertheless the software needs some improvements as far as I can tell, because it looses the track and doubles the surface on e.g. the second rotation. I tried to scan a body and it looses the track very easy. It also spins the object upside down for no reason. I thought the IMU should prevent this. Is there something like a gimbal lock? Maybe quaternions can help here.
I look forward to see some bugs worked out. To speed up this process I would like to have a debug version with most parameters open and to add a few additional parameters. Users could share the best parameters here to generate a standard-set. For example: Add the min and maximum distance. If you have objects behind the platform like shown in my picture I would like to set the maximum distance to e.g. 15cm. So every object behind will not be used. Also a minimum distance would also be great.

I also would like to have parameters for the circle detection. I like to adjust the threshold for that detection, because it is not detection all of the circles, when the angle or the light is wrong. Maybe a “grey code wheel” as a sticker for the platform would be a precise and easy to encode solution instead of the marker. I also like to disable the turn-table mode. This combined mode seems to be user friendly at first, because you can switch to hand-scanning without configuration, but I tried to scan bigger flat objects with markers and it started rotating the scan like it would be on a turn table. In my case I tried to scan the bottom of a guitar.

I have a general question: How is the tracking working? Is the color-2d-image used or the 3d image? I ask because I would need to change the light. I thought for a non-color scan no external light source is needed.

I also would like to have a frame counter. I am using a i7-10750H 6 Core CPU @ 3.5GHz, that is 100% used when scanning. I would like to know, if I encounter problems while scanning to slow down or, if my computer is to slow change my computer. I noticed that opencv is used… could you maybe compile a Cuda version that uses the GPU if possible? I don’t know if you are already doing it, I just like to friendly suggest if not, cause my GPU seems not to be used.

:smiley: Sorry for the long message… I have so much stuff in my head that I want to tell and ask you…

It would be great if there is an open API and Interfaces for the scanner. I would like to use this awesome hardware for own custom projects. I believe that you can use small python scripts to build awesome little tools. I think of projects like 3D print monitoring, CNC calibration, robot arm recalibration.
For a Revo-Scan interface it would be nice to have a option, where Revo Scan connects to a COM-port (e.g. Arduino) and simply sends some information, if the current position has been scanned, so that the turn table can move forward or speed up, or if there should be more light. It could also tell, to turn a table to move backwards if there is a shadow somewhere. I personally would also use a servo to move the scanner up and downwards to scan the object.

Thats it for the feedback. I could need some assistance trying to scan the PCB from the picture. I try to archive the 0.1mm resolution with sharp edges. But it always generates round edges. Also flat surface like the example statue is always very rough. I can clean with Studio, but It seems that I loose precision.

I already tried to calibrate the scanner (20x or more with camera gimbal to ensure it is flat), but it is always the same rough surface. I do not know if this is normal or not.

Is it normal, that the right-side of the image is used for scanning and the left side is not scanning?
Left side:

Right side:

Sorry for my bad English. I want it to be polite and friendly and not to bother you in any kind of way (just telling for the case that it is not) :slight_smile:

Good job, keep it up and thank you in advance

Kind regards

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