Marker + Feature mode continuous


I have done excessive testing for about 1 week now with my POP 2.

And from what i have seen, the software tends to drift a lot even tho the circumstances are very well in terms of setup, material-exposure, lighting, stability, marker or feature mode.

But when a scan is successful, the result is amazing! So i cant wait for better tracking in the software to arrive. I really believe in this product from what i have got out of it so far, but it needs some polish.

Tips for the developers:

*From my previous laser scanning knowledge with spatial scanners, ordinary “crossed” targets would increase precision a lot instead of round markers due to intensity difference triangulation from the cross.

*re-update scanner position and validate position more often DURING the scans to the already captured cloud. Now it seems to just capture it once on every start, and then it disregards any failures and just continues making a total mess.

*Visual AI tracking for faster re-positioning.

*Dual feature and marker mode, at the same time, why not use both at the same time? Maybe visual tracking also would add some stability.

*Undo button is good, but is a real pain in the *** as well… it takes a lifetime to undo 50 frames on a large project, and very hard to keep track of what frames were bad. Make a list of all scanned sessions within a project, so the user can history delete lets say a stack of frames that were made in one go!

*Open Source… yes… let the community help

I think that with all this in mind, when the software tracks a little bit better and the workflow is a little bit smoother, this product will be unbeatable for the every day user.

Happy scanning!