[Solved] Mobile pack cables not working


I purchased the mobile pack on Amazon (connector plus cables for android)
And returned it once, now I get the new one, and it’s doing the same thing,

I am unable to connect to the phone.
The problem is the cable from the connector to the phone. If I replace it with a cable from my own, it works fine.
But the cable that comes with the package is not working at all. I had 2 of them now, and sending them both back.

Wonder if there is a production error.

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Hi @pka4916

Just confirm, do you mean the mobile pack on our Amazon shop? Could you please let me know your order number? Then we will track what’s wrong with that batch of cables.

Best Regards

Sorry, the cable of this batch of the mobile connecter is confirmed defective. If any other users receive the cable with the same problem, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to customer@revopoint3d.com.


Thank you for the service.

I talked with Cassie last night, and she was going to send me a new cable.

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