If you bought this batch of the mobile connector, contact us!

Dear users,

If you bought a Mobile Connector with the below box from us during Aug 15 - Sep 14, please get in touch with us via customer@revopoint3d.com. We will resend you the cable for free.

We’re sorry, there’s something wrong with this batch of cables since our supplier changed the materials without our permission. We will take notice and avoid such a case occurs again in the future.

Btw, you can throw the defective cable away after you receive the new one.

Best Regards
Revopoint Team


Could you explain what is wrong with this batch?
I got mine from Amazon (ordered on September 1st), but the box didn’t look like the one on your picture.

Hi @Idechix

The Micro-USB to USB-C cable will not work when you connect your phone to POP with it.

Please send me your order number, then we will check and confirm if your cable is the good one or not.

Best Regards

Ok, that’s exactly what I experienced with mine.
I thought it just didn’t work with my phone…

I’m going to send you my order number via PM.