So I bought an adapter for Android

Since USB was not working on Android before, (the program would quit)
so I bought this

Thinking plug in a powerbank, and the other in the phone…
Now it cannot find it at all…
Is it defective or am I missing a setup for this now.


edit: tried the original cable, and it’s finding it, but then the app quits, as expected… since it doesnt have enough power.
Now I have a powerblock loaded from USB to that adapter, and USB-C from phone to that adapter,
the light is green, but that’s it… unable to find it.

I use a split cable to power my POP with a separate power bank while connecting USB data to my smartphone; it was seamless (except for the connector screws on the back of the POP).

So… I would suggest getting one of those USB Voltage/Current meters similar to what is available on eBay. and verifying two things: that your power source is providing enough voltage and that your POP is not drawing more than 1 amp.


Thanks for the suggestion.