[Solved] Miraco USB transfer -- no pop-up on screen on device

I received my Miraco a few days back, and I’m really happy with how it performs. However, I am unable to connect to a PC (W10 or W11) using the USB cable. The Quick Start Guide indicates that I should see a pop-up on the Miraco screen to enable the USB data transfer (similar to other Android devices), but this never happens. The Miraco gives a sound indicating something (likely a message), but it is not present on the screen. There also does not appear to be a way to set the USB option in the system settings on the Miraco, either.

I’d really like to move these scans off this device. I appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

Hi @BurritoBrother go to MIRACO’S settings after you connected it to your PC with the white cable USB C to C …
And select PC mode if you want to scan using Miraco on your PC or Data Transfer if you want to Import projects to your PC .

Thanks for the prompt reply – you folks have been really good with customer support (I have a few of your scaners).

Oddly enough, the window is now popping up on the Miraco. It wasn’t doing that the other day … I tried different PCs and different cables (including the one that came with the Miraco). (Each time, the Miraco gave an alert noise that it connected, but no pop-up.)

It’s now working like expected, now, so that’s great – and the scanner works well as a scanner. If anyone has a similar issue, I guess the advice is to be patient and try it a few more times.

Mark this one solved. Thanks!

Hi @BurritoBrother

Thank you for letting me know !
Glad it working as it should now !