Miraco trouble exiting PC file transfer mode

Just to make it clear - the entire process of copying projects from Miraco to PC with the USB cable works just fine.
It’s when everything is done and I’m on the Miraco file transfer screen I should click Exit on the top right corner to end the file transfer mode.
Well it doesn’t register the clicking.
No matter how many times I touch the Exit - nothing happens.
I have to press one of the physical buttons (Scan or power) to get Miraco unstuck and finally let me click the Exit button.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I am checking it right now for you …

yes it working just fine , the Exit on Miraco transfer screen , and the exit in Revo Scan … no issues , after exit is moving back to scanning tab .

Hi @kaczorefx

Have you tried shutting down the MIRACO and restarting it and trying again? Does it still happen?

when I try to reproduce this it works :confused:
Maybe it needs to go through a long copying session.
It might have something to do with the screen protector I applied but then again it doesn’t explain that it starts working immediately after I press a hardware button.