[Solved] Android App Not Functional on Pixel 4 XL

I have a Pixel 4XL and it does not work with my phone no matter what I do. I’m using the 1.5.0_20210430 version. When connecting via USB, the device gets power, but the camera doesn’t connect and when it finally does connect, the phone reboots.

When trying via wifi, the depth camera connects, but the RGB camera never does and it’s impossible to actually get it to start scanning without both cameras connected.

Since this only works via hotspot, I can’t try it with any other mobile device I have since nothing else is cellular connected, thus I’m stuck only being able to use a laptop right now.

Really strange bug this RGB camera thing, because an other user already used the Pixel 4xl successfully in wifi mode.

What kind of power bank you use to power up the Pop please?

I have powered it directly off the phone, off of an HTC battery pack, off of an MSI laptop and off of a stand alone wall adapter. Same problem on all sources. The app is also crashing pretty regularly.

Any idea if anyone has had it working on the Pixel 4XL on this specific version of HandyScan? Might be some new incompatibility in the latest release causing it to be unstable.

NOTE: This issue was solved by the updated Handy Scan - v2.5.1. [Update on 20210722] The Android version of Handy Scan - v2.5.9.20210721 - #15 by Revopoint3D-Cassie