Mobility Platforms for POP

In search of that Golden platform to gain mobility without hauling a laptop around.

I pulled an all nighter just so I could test the Handyscan Android App on a Raspberry Pi 4.
It’s possible and it worked. What got me started was the issue of no real good mobility platform for using the POP in the field. High end phones with lots of RAM are pricey.

In order to get the pi4 running Android build 9 I relied on a great tutorial at -

Following all the steps I was able to get my Raspberry Pi 4 running Android Build 9 and USB debugging turned on to mount a USB drive and transfer the HandyScan1.5.0_20210430_release.apk and install it.

I first tried running Handyscan in USB mode which as with so many other devices failed. There were 3 popups for permissions that I was able to allow and then there was a 4th I have never seen before which is the point the App crashes before I can click on Allow permission.

I then switched over to Hotspot WIFI mode, things connected up fine and I went into scanning.
So when I purchased my Pi4 I went middle of the road cheap and got a unit with 4GB of RAM. the Raspberry Pi 4 comes with 2GB, 4GB and 8GB of RAM.

With my 4GB of RAM I made it to 740 frames before scanning automatically stopped, yes I could have restarted and continued but I was experimenting with a platform not so much trying to get a scan. The scan when it stopped provided me with 546,620 vertices and 542,376 faces.

Handyscan app’s video displays were mildly slow compared to what I experience on a laptop I put that on the Raspberry Pi as it’s processor isn’t exactly on par with the latest Intel or AMD processors. Still in all it was adequate. The Pi4 has a Broadcom BCM2711, Quad core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz. I only wish I had purchased an 8GB RAM Pi.

So I haven’t totally dismissed my vision of a Raspberry Pi equipped with a 5" or 7" HDMI touchscreen with one power source for both the Raspberry and the Revopoint POP. First I’ll need to catch up on my sleep and then experiment more.

I’m interested to hear how others are doing on their quest for the GOLDEN platform for mobility and field scanning.


wow, cool project! Keep going and keep sharing your progress! I am very interested👍

Hello, it’s sound awesome ! Don’t hesitate to come back and explain us if you achieved more success

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I will definitely be following this!

Thanks for sharing ! I tried with my Raspberry Pi 4 along LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11, from Raspberry Pi 4) in USB mode. It worked ok despite a few disconnections (an external battery was powering the Pi and the POP was connecting to one of its USB-3 port). I could not make it work through the WiFi mode though. Like you, I wish I had a Pi with 8GB of RAM :wink:

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This. Great idea! I think about designing a 3D printable all-in-one case for this …

Great minds think alike