Software for MINI

I got my Revopoint3d MINI device and it doesn’t seem to work very well. Reading through the forums here it appears that none of the software is ready:

  • Calibration software - not ready for MINI
  • Bluetooth turntable software - not ready, cannot even turn
  • Revo Scan - Latest build is dated Aug 6, over a month ago

I cannot get my MINI to scan anything for more than 30 seconds without it losing tracking. When it regains tracking it appears to do so at an incorrect place and resumes scanning creating a very incorrect model.

The hardware appears to be great. When can we expect the software to catch up?


Would you please offer a video showing the problem of losing track? So that we can help better. Thanks.

are you using handheld mode? what are you scanning?

Please wait for the Revo Calibration update and the Bluetooth turntable software release.
The Revo Scan can work with Revopoint MINI

Do you have an update on the timeline?
Also: Does the computer need bluetooth or does the Mini directly connect to the turntable?

(since neither the website nor the kickstarter mentioned anything about Bluetooth, I assume the Mini will connect directly to the turntable, right?)

Experience is a necessary part of successful scans and that comes from experimentation (along with getting up to speed on tutorials, both written and video).

Re-acquisition of tracking can often appear mismatched. Before the Fuse operation (and, sometimes, the Mesh operation), my most common (apparent) scanning errors come when I am working with objects that are symmetrical on the vertical axis and round, with no unique features (most recently, bowls). While the Mini is much improved for initial results, the POP & POP 2 scanners often (usually?) fail to match the beginning and end of a scan, with the end being noticeably above the portion at the beginning. However, performing a Fuse operation usually fixes this apparent error and, if it doesn’t, the Mesh operation will usually finish the correction.

Your computer need a Bluetooth to be able to connect the Dual Axis turntable .

Good to know… I guess I need to order a bluetooth adapter then ^^

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Why I am not surprised by your reply , I saw it coming :joy::joy::joy:

I would really preferred they made phone app for control it as it was planned before . Sometimes you need to go back when the object is complex so not sure how it going to work . I am going now to test the Dual Axis Turntable with the new software .

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I also facing the same problem for my MINI. Seems like after 30 seconds or so, it lose track. I got a project coming this Thursday and I need to use the MINI & dual-axis turntable to scan. Any solution asap?

@Sky I just scanned with MINi and Dual Axis automatic , no issue with tracking and tested on various objects .

@Sephiroth no problem

Thank you for the update, the turntable now works pretty good! I am not using handheld mode. I am using a tripod, and (previously) a manually turned turn-table.

I haven’t had a chance to shoot a video yet. The new version is giving me better results, but I end up with models that “corkscrew” as the turntable makes full revolutions.
The surface of my object may need treatment, so I will report back again (with a video) if I cannot get a good scan.

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