MINI calibration software crashes

Does Revo Calibration work for the MINI?
I tried clicking on both the “calibrate” and “test Accuracy” button after succeffully connecting to the MINI and the program immediately shuts down without any error, the scanner remains on.

Windows 10 home 64bit.

Not yet but soon will I’m sure, i checked for a new version last night, i don’t get any crash but the scanner disconnected when I try with the MINI beta version I have

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Oh this is good news! I thought I was going mad…

Hit calibrate, PC goes bingbong USB drops out and program shuts down.

Hopefully Revo will sort this issue soon!

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The Calibration software is not ready to use with MINI as it can totally mess up with your device , so that is a good thing it shutting down preventing you from use it .

A proper software supporting the latest firmware will be released soon .

The calibration testing results are also not accurate as the firmware changed so please wait a while .


@Johnathan you need a latest board to do that and your board is not the one you can calibrate your MINI beta with . It changed with the final MINI RGB .

Hi there,

Well I hate to say it but I think it has already messed the device up - Scanning was ok before but after hitting the ‘restore to original’ the scanner no longer seems to be able to scan anything properly!

How do we rectify this?

As a suggestion, don’t say to download the calibration software for Mini users before it’s ready to use!

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How you was able to even calibrate the MINI ?

In this case you need to try again and restore the original calibration from the backup that was created before calibrating .
The files should be stored on your HD under user .

If not working you will need to make appointment with @Revopoint-Agnes and they will try to restore it to original state .

There is a further issue now :frowning: Just posted in another thread…

Quite a disappointing experience so far :frowning:

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Yes this happened to me already as well ,

Please contact the customer support via email for faster response , it would be much faster than waiting for the response in the forum .
Sadly here is nothing I can help you with this issue , probably you will need replacement if the shut down continue.

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thanks guys, I will wait.
but I agree with @jyardley
do not include the calibration software on downloads page this will cause more problems if its not ready yet.

thanks again. Luckily my scanner seems OK.


We will upgrade to the newest version next week, which will work for MINI.


I agree @johnchen but there are still people using POP2. It is not ready for MINI .

I think a note about not using it to calibrate MINI would be more appropriated under the download link @Revopoint3d-Selina
That would prevent from future issues and eventual damage of the device that already happened.


Hey PopUp,

Sorry, to be honest I thought you were part of the Revo team :laughing:

I’m going to email today and see what the response is like.

I’m just a little concerned that this was marketed towards ‘professionals’ and so far it seems fussy about what power source it’s connected too and that it’s been released before actually stable… Let’s wait and see!

Hey @Revopoint3d-Selina,

Please do take note about removing the link for current MINI owners to the calibrate software…

I think you will have A LOT of issues if you don’t remove that link :slight_smile:


Hi guys,
@PUTV @jyardley @johnchen
I have forwarded your kind suggestion to our admin. He will hide the download section later.
Also, I have told our users in the FB groups not to download and use the calibration with MINI.
Thanks for your reminder.


Hi @johnchen I am part of the testing and improving team as independent professional and community volunteer.
Opinions are my own :wink:


where is the calibration software? The link to the mac version is dead.

" Revopoint has developed Revo Scan for scanning, editing, merging, and calibration(will be available soon)."

but maybe in the meantime @PUTV or @Revopoint-Cassie can give you access to latest version that was available?

The Beta Calibration software is currently not available to download .
I will see what I can do for you tonight …

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Hi @enyoc , here is a new tread for the Calibration software for POP2 and MINI only .

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