Android S21 Ultra USB not working

Everytime I want to use the 3d scanner, it starts and then the program crashes.

Also, trying it as Wifi, does not work either.

Any clue how to make this work? so far, I cannot use the scanner at all.


Hi @pka4916

Because many phones not allow to provide high-current to external devices, you can’t plug the POP to your phone directly.

If you want to use the USB mode, you can buy a mobile connector or a mobile kit in our shop.

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this connector?

So I still need a powerbank then, or is usb-c to the phone enough.

As mentioned above, very few phones can supply sufficient current to operate the POP. Your best bet is to use a dedicated power bank to power the POP.

Then either connect via wifi hot spot or use the above indicated cable for a USB connection.

There is a topic on this forum that lists which phones have been tested to work and which method(s) were tested. You may want to go look for that to see if your phone is listed.

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Hi @pka4916

The explanation from @banonay is right. Even if if use a mobile connector, you still need a power bank.

You can connect the POP to a power bank, and use it with Wi-Fi mode, that is convenient too.

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Using the wifi connection and power block, which is working randomly.
but I cannot send / share the files anywhere… it always fails

got this thing for 3 weeks, and nothing i can do wit hit… probably going to return it