Single scan better than multiple scans + merging?

I came across this video the other day in which the guy made a complete model of a crocs in one single scan :

I tried the method on a cube which I have made for checking the accuracy of my POP3 and I was delighted to see that it does produce better results.

To get the complete model of the cube, I need to do at least two scans. One with the top facing up and the other facing down. Merging the two scans always produces ugly , scar-like seam lines unless the rough edges around the shadows in the fused models are trimmed away. Currently there is a known software bug making it very difficult to do so ( Revo Scan 5.4.3 unintended cut through) .

This is the result of merging two seperate scans :

Result of one single scan. No scars :smiley:

This is currently a bug in the software, if you cut away the edges with noise and then merged it gets better.

Look here: Clean Edge Selectiontool

Normally I always recommend to trim the edges before merging and eliminate too great overlaps , but the edges are not right the way the scan produce it from the start and the seam on the merged scans is a definitely a bug that should not take please while merging .

It was fixed once but resurfaced again .
Scanning objects in one run is of course possible and works best with organic objects with lots of features .

No matter it is full body scan or organic figurine ,I always scan it in one run , however I prefer to scan none organic objects with different angles and merge it , until the bug is fixed it is rather problematic job so cutting the edges is nesesery what in some situation will cause issues with overlapped areas.

Regarding your original topic question ? Professionally you should process individual scans at different angles and merge them for none organic models , but until the bug is fixed it is rather a task .

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the seam on the merged scans is a bug ? do you mean without this bug, the rough edges of individual scans will not show up on the merged model ? no manual trimming required ?

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Normally no edges trimming was necessary in the past beside lose points or overlapped points cleaning .
There was no seams either or cleaning nesesery after merging , the current merging algorithms are not the best , not exactly a bug , but bad choice in algorithms.