Merging scan data with revoscan 5.3.0 and pop3 scanner

Hello everyone,

I’m relatively new to using the Revopoint POP3 scanner, so please bear with me if this question seems basic.

I’ve been following some tutorials, including this one: link to tutorial. In the tutorial, I noticed that there’s a setting for the range scanner that simplifies combining the top and bottom portions of the scanned object.

Now, I’m attempting to do the same with a POP3 scanner using Revoscan version 5.3.0. Specifically, I have conducted two scans of a pair of safety glasses, capturing both the top and bottom parts. However, when I reach the screen shown below, I’m struggling to manually align the models so that the software recognizes them as a single part and aligns the data accordingly. Can anyone provide guidance on how to achieve this?

Background Information: I work as a freelance industrial designer, and I’m currently working on a project that involves designing custom safety glasses. To accomplish this, I’d like to scan several dozen models available in the market at medium to high resolutions. My goal is to compile a comprehensive data bank that I can refer to when creating prototypes and conceptual designs.

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

It cannot be aligned because temples don’t look the same on both scans! So either rescan and take care the whole object stays the same when scanning different sides or cut of point clouds where something changed/moved prior to using the alignment function.

Hi @Mikemathe you need to clean your scans before you merge them , remove all fragments that do not belong to the actual scanned object ( the dots are the issue ) , other way there will be not successful merging since both scans don’t match the volume or features .

Thanks for the advise. Using the technique of scanning sections of the part individually then cleaning. I was able to get the scans to align better once cleaned as you mentioned. They come pretty close now but need minor adjustments. Is there a micro tolerance alignment tool you could suggest?

Question on selecting the point cloud data. When selecting and deleting points to “clean up” I see there is the poly line / box / lasso selection tools. I can select points just fine but I can not un-select them if I happen to catch too many in my selection. Am I missing a hot key for deselect?

By the way marker mode alignment does not refer to marker mode scan. It is a method of manually assisting the aligning models that requires you to define points roughly close the same shared visual points on each model to work

You need at least 3 points. You can rotate each model and click points in one then do the other or just do each point at a time on both models

More points is usually only required/better when it is hard to spot to the software the correct point pairs in all models

X3msnake - Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for. Now I just need to figure out how to deselect points without losing the entire selection when cleaning up the cloud data.

Huge thanks again

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You can’t undo last action if you by accident selected too many points , but let me check something …

I checked no way , no commands, only ESC to cancel whole selection , I tried all combinations possible , this function is not available .

I prefer to select only the scanned object then reverse the selection , works better and quicker .

unfortunately the ctrl+ left click modifyer that is standard for other software to deselect is not implemented yet, maybe in the next update?

there is however a convoluted way to do it, that requires some lateral thinking.

like @PUTV said, reverse select the model, add up the area you over selected (now unselected by inverse) reverse selection once more and you obtain the equivalent of a deleselect

Admittedly its kind of shocking that there would not be a reverse select option. thanks for the work around though

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Afik it is in the backburner for a upcomming update. Maybe @Revopoint-Cassie knows when

Please post it as feedback under Revo Scan 5 tread … features are added … maybe not today but tomorrow everything possible …

If nobody talk about , nobody will make it

It should be simple undo function nothing complicated .

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Hi, I tried merging scans from both sides of an object scanned by my Mini scanner and had the same problem. Although I cleaned both scans the algorithm did not recognize, that the object has been turned 180 degrees for scanning the second scan.
I already proposed to Revopoint to add a rough align function to tell the algorithm the rough position of the parts to be aligned. Revopoint 5.3.0 does not include such a function.
As a workaround I now I export all meshes and use the very good manual ALIGN function in Meshlab. This is some adjustment work until the align process can be started successfully, but it works.
After alignment procedure the Mesh layers hafe to be flattened to one layer. The resulting point cloud I export, import to Revopoint 5.3.0 and do the next steps (cleaning the point cloud, meshing, close holes).
If it is necessary I finish my work in “Blender” before printing.
Regards Wolfgang

use marker mode when auto align fails to work (manually select at least 3 roughly corresponding points between parts to align)

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