Selfie Rig Using an Ender 3

Hi All,

Inspired by a You tube video about scanning selfies here: [Revopoint pop 3d scanner - Face Scan tutorial. - YouTube] (Revopoint pop 3d scanner - Face Scan tutorial. - YouTube) I thought I would expand my Revopiont mount to a tripod. Then I thought what the hell, there must be something better. So I attached it to an Ender 3! Works great, still need practise with the scanner settings though!

Best Boothy


So what do you do, have the Ender move straight up and down and rotate your subject? Does this give any better results than hand held>

The key word in the title is selfie, this is to make it easier to scan my own head with no other help, not someone else. Yes I rotated myself on a swivel breakfast bar stool using the Ender to raise and lower the rig where necessary to scan all parts of my head…
Best wishes Boothy