Need help with fusion 360

Hello all,

This is my first ever scan with my revo pop3. First 3d scan in my life really… I am clueless as to who I can go with the project I have in mind. I scanned only a part of my helmet and I want to create a chin mount for my gopro. My current chinmount keeps falling off so I wanted to create my own.

I’ve been watching some tutorials online on utube. In one of them, he downloads a 3d model of a cell phone and builds a case around it but I do not seem to have the options that he has. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

There are many tutorials on youtube on this subject. Look for " fusion 360 reverse engineering 3d scan"

Depending on your design there are different approaches. Usually you rebuild the part of the surface/3d scan and you use it from there.

here one of such videos

Keep sharing your progress. There is some learning curve but IMO it is very rewarding experience once you have your own first design.



Honestly I hope you realize how much I appreciate this. The video you linked is far better than the ones I’ve found. Thank you very much!