Selfie 3D printed Scan

Hi All,
Using my Ender 3 Selfie Rig & Revopoint 1 I created the following Selfie 3D Scan. I did have to do some patching to the back of the head and clean up the eyes. Unlike the scan, I am really quite a happy dude. I must be more gentle with the eye sculpting in future I think! Hard to smile when scanning yourself but probably doable!

Printed on My Hypercube Evo @ 100mms using Amazon Basics Silk Copper PLA at full scale

Best wishes Boothy


Nice scan and 3d print. I love the copper silk.

How do you clean up scanned images and creat something like this? I can 3d print objects but having trouble creating a clean closed mesh file from my body scans. Iā€™m still trying to figure it out, do you have any suggestions?

Thanks Boothy!