Sliced view for tidying point cloud

There are plenty of great features within the RevoScan software, but tidying up noise within the point cloud is my biggest bug bear , actually its my only one.

I have no idea if it could be done, but it would be great if there was an internal way to temporarily cut through the object to allow for point selection that has the correct pointcloud behind it.

For example if you could have a section that moves up and down, vertically and or horizontally , see yellow lines for example.

the model could then be rotated to be able to allow for more precise point selection and improved tidy up.

I accept there are methods outside of the software, and low gain scans can reduce this, but it may well make the achievement of good results soley through RevoPoint software even if there are noise issues or scanning setup cannot be optimised.

This is a great idea and would really help with point cloud cleaning.