Better selection in Frame Editor

I am writing this suggestion based on a discussion that can be found here: Water pipes outside an apartment complex

Single bad frames can ruin a 3D scan, RevoScan has a frame editor which is very useful and helps to delete these frames.

The bigger problem is finding the frames, there is still room for improvement here. You could make a function to better distinguish the frames, for example different colors (progressive) gradient.

Or that when you mark points with the selection tool, the corresponding frames are marked in the list.

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I had dinner with a co-founder of Revopoint tonight and this exact point was raised (among others).


Thank you Sphaerox.
Yes, for example, if I am using Cloudcompare, I can click on a pointcloud in the main window and the pointcloud will be highlighted in the list of scans in the side window and vice versa.

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Hi SphaeroX @SphaeroX

We are aware of this issue. After discussing with our R&D team, they are currently working on a solution to differentiate colors based on the number of scans.

Due to the high number of keyframes in each part of the point cloud data, we find it challenging to distinguish color differentiations. Could you please provide more details about your solution, including specific usage scenarios?

Well i was wrong sorry, the function that i called for is already built in :smiley:

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It is, it’s always active when you are in the “Edit all key frames mode.” Which is the default condition when you first enter Key Frame Edits mode. Clicking on a frame in the list takes you out of that mode until you manually re-enter it with the “Edit all key frames” button.

There’s plenty of room for improvement though. Especially important is that if you “delete” those frames you have one chance to undo it or they stay hidden (entering “Edit all key frames” mode permanently saves your edits just by entering that mode).

I’d like to see:

The ability to isolate those frames (or retain selection after exiting “Edit all key frames” mode.

Display the number of frames currently selected.

The ability to show selected frames along with the selected points.

The ability to refresh the point cloud preview (it’s not all your frames and points in the view all the time, as you’ll see as you start removing frames). Entering “Edit all key frames” mode will refresh the view (and save all your changes!).

Group/ungroup frames and be able to force a realignment of them. The merge process is extremely stubborn sometimes.

Exporting groups of frames to new scans would be nice as well.

Show/Hide frames rather than delete (they are hidden anyway, there’s just no way to unhide them without editing the .inf files).

Option to backup the original .dph files and restore them when all those manual edits you did break the scan (yes I can do this manually but again it’d be nice not to have to do so). Also note that .dph frame edits are also rendered permanent when entering “Edit all key frames” mode.

Currently attempting to deselect frames or add additional frames to the selection just dumps you out of “Edit all key frames” mode.