Screw holes not tapped in mini

Just unboxed my mini and found the screw holes to hold the cables in place to the scanner have no threads in them.
Anyone else found this?

Are you sure the connector not moved up ? I have one side shifted up once but I fixed it and aligned the thread with the holes it was shifted up on the left side .

It is impossible to not having threads in them as in this case you will need to contact the Customer service via email where you purchased your MINI and ask for replacement.

Hold a phone light on the front of your MINI you will be able to see if the connector shifted or not and if you see light through the holes you will know for sure .

Thanks for the reply.
Will have another closer look in the morning but there appeared to be 2 holes with no threads in them.
All cables go in fine but cannot screw them down.

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If the cable fit proper but not thread to hold the screw then I suggest you to contact Customer Service via email and ask for replacement ASAP
As that may be quality control issue in the production , and your case would be first I ever heard of.
Very unusual .

You can see the threads below

Just had another look before bed.
There are no threads in the holes. Tried screwing a cable in with a bit of force but no go.

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Definitely please contact the Customer support where you purchased your device
You may snap a picture to show the absence of the threads in the holes to speed up the process.

That would be the best solution here for you .

Problem solved.
Eased a tap in the holes.
QC need a jab with a sharp stick.
Thanks for your help.

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So the threads was just covered ?
Anyway glad to hear you fixed that yourself .

Just ran a tap through them rotating tap with my fingers.
Felt like threads were covered with a plastic film.

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That’s very weird indeed , I go through testing of many devices but never come across this issue .

Maybe someone in production forgot to remove the protective layer before assembly of the top covers, I guess we will never know , but I will add it to the list with a note to the team about this issue . It should never happen in first place .

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