How MINI deals with scanning a thread gauge

I saw the discussion regarding accuracy and resolution of the MINI, but I’m not savvy enough to perform the analyses of the scan data the way some of you can. I can collect frames and perform scans with my POP, POP2, and now the MINI!
Chris Nafis has in-depth knowledge in this area as a retired 3D scanner engineer and computer scientist, so I reached out to him to perform some analyses of the scans I did of the same type standard thread gauge he used in his study.
I can only use my eyes as inspection tools to evaluate my scans, but Chris has the tools and experience to examine them and objectively quantify their quality.
I did scans of the thread gauge under the same conditions using my POP, POP2 and beta MINI. 200 frames each for the POP2 and MINI, 160 frames for the POP.
Feature mode for all three, standoff in the ‘excellent’ range throughout. Depth gain setting of 1, with Aesub Orange for POP2 and MINI; depth gain for POP set to automatic, then back to manual for the scan. Aesub on the POP scan as well.
Thanks for the study, Chris!


@jumbonot can you upload a larger image(s) of the 3 scans. I am interested in the MINI’s improvements over the POP2.

Hi Bruce; I’ve uploaded the scans to wetransfer. Here’s the link :

Jim , I hope you did not captured just a single frames from one angle , the noises level is much too high for that small and flat object what indicates it was just a single angle . You could get better results by shifting the object at least 30 degree while scanning for better point frame fusion .

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Thanks for the tip. I obviously don’t have the hours behind the 3d scanners that you do as evidenced by the results of your work, so I depend on professionals like you to steer me in the right direction. I couldn’t have gotten anywhere if I hadn’t listened to more experienced users.
I’m continually revising my setup as I play with these devices, so I incorporate suggestions and tips I pick up on these forums. That little tidbit will be rolled in to the next major revision of my scanning area.

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I love how your scan show the progression of Revopoint improvements. I hope we can get owners of other low-cost 3D scanners to provide results too!

Cassie suggested that I contact you to ask your help, if you’re willing, to recommend the changes I need to make to my techniques and setup to achieve results comparable to yours with the MINI.
My specific interest is in scanning coins, as my younger brother is a coin maker. He has expressed keen interest in the MINI and I would like to not only help my friends at Revopoint, but get my brother on board with a labor-saving tool.
I’m just an old man trying to enjoy my retirement by absorbing all the new knowledge I can.
I appreciate your time. I’m sure you’re very busy.


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Hi Jim , if anything please contact me via private message , you can send me some screenshot examples so I can give you some tips if needed .

How do I do that through the forum? Could you IM me on FB? I just got my Starlink internet installed so I’ll be able to share screenshots and videos better.

Just click on my name and you will see button with " message"
I don’t have Facebook but going to setup account soon for our beta group.

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@nafis , just when you really need something you get this …

Screenshot 2022-05-28 143626

Ordered again , hopefully tomorrow

Jeeze… happens all the time, doesn’t it? Murphy.


It happens always when you need something very badly , the driver was one block from me when he suddenly vanished from the tracking app . Oh well tomorrow another delivery , hopefully it will make this time .

I made some other tests from 0.80 to 0.1mm and MINI picked up the ridges perfectly , that is less than a horse’s hair :wink:

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Did the thread gage ever arrive?

Yes Chris it did , but I had hands full with other stuff , I did not forgot .

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Someone posted some nice Photogrammetry results: Facebook

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