MINI Blue light fault

Hi All,

Seen a few posts similar to this but not sure what else l can try.

My MINI ,got from Kickstarer and I’ve only scanned a few times and now it appears to be faulty. When it connects to the app there is a quick flicker of blue light and it never comes back on again.The RGB camera is working and the camera connects to the app via usb and/or WiFi but it can’t scan as it can’t detect any points.

Pretty gutted as P’ve wanted a mini for ages and still have my POP2 which has never given me any trouble.

Powered by the 3.0 USB from my PC,revopoint power bank, IQ power bank and externally powered USB hub and all give the same results.

Hi @JK0071

You need to contact since it is hardware issue and not much I can help you here with in the forum .

It is bad timing because the team is out on holidays , so please contact the support ASAP .