Scanning PCB board?

Any suggestions how I can scan a small PCB board (for example wemos d1). Can’t use markers as the PCB board is too small and trying using feature says too low cloud points. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong so any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

Put some small elements around the board to add extra volume to scene , you can easy remove them after … Use turntable with Markers on it ( not on the board) put the board on a crumbled paper sheet with lots of wrinkles as a support .

Easy task … then set the Miraco to Near Mode and the distance to Excellent and High resolution .

After you scanned one rotation Fuse it in Advanced mode at 0.2. Then use lose point cleaning and overlapped point cleaning , after that mesh it according to Grid … the Grid under meshing should show 0.20 or lower but not lower than 0.18 .Mesh it

This helped a lot. Thank you @PUTV

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Any time @yanivf
Glad to hear that it helped you out some way or another .