Scan challenge on smaller object and merging

I’m trying to scan this object, it is missing 2 ‘leaves’ as you can see below.

I tried with near mode with feature and also marker, for some strange reason it fixes the object as you notice, adding the missing leaves I scanned 2 times and merged but not perfecly overlapped/merged.

Please advise on how to best scan this object.

I too have problems merging two or more scans precisely - my two approaches are

  • to scan objects in one single scan (preferred method)
  • crop each scan to a specific area with minimal overlap (enough to being merged)

I scanned 2 separate scans with overlap, but result was poor. Will markers help? I tried with the 6mm marker stickers but they are too big for the size of the scanned object.

Hi @bart all you need is to scan just the inner or outside part and add thickness with your editing software and add missing petals.

Merging of this kind of scans is very difficult due to symmetrical nature without specific features .

You can also paint a small color dots , scan both sides and use Cloud compare to merge it , the color dots will be your matching points .

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What editing software would you recommend for me as starter?
Cloud compare is that a kind of software?

Hi @bart

For point cloud editing , merging definitely Cloud Compare !

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