Scanning on a Remote Island with the INSPIRE

Some results from the minimalist scanning rig I took with me to an island off the UK coast. I didn’t go for scanning but wanted to scan some buddies and the odd interesting thing.

You get out there by helicopter and weight limits are really tight, plus I didn’t want to put any pricey kit in the hold, so went with the more affordable/expendable INSPIRE in a belt pouch, linked to my mobile phone through WIFI.

Sadly the weather was too rubbish to go out after sundown to scan some of the more interesting things outdoors, but still got some good results - including some head scans from a very drunken final night with a couple of the islanders who have become good friends over the years of visits, board games and beers!

One of them even went to the tavern kitchen and dumped a load of flour in his hair for a no-hat scan, which actually yielded great results!

Scanner: INSPIRE
Processing: Revo Scan 5
Editing: Headus PlyEdit
Renders: Keyshot


how do we get Headus PlyEdit ?
In Headus site they do not offer a download, nor any purchase/order page…

I’ve no idea. I’ve had Headus Tools for over 20 years - I’m not sure I’ve updated in the past 10 years. You’d have to contact them. Tell Phil I sent you!

Great scans!
Exactly the best feature of the revoscanners: portability…

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