Johnathan - Beta INSPIRE Showcase

I was INSPIREed to put this here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I received this yesterday and have given it a quick test

its very compact and works well, there is a sheet with marker dots on it that could be useful instead of the old trash bag, I’ll give it a try later

the tripod is more basic, only one USB C cable for the scanner and one to power the turntable


quick scans with the INSPIRE to make an upgrade for my milling machine to fit a bigger stepper motor

CAD done in Fusion 360 using the mesh sketch function to get all dimensions

sliced in Cura

printed on Sovol SV06 Plus

Fitted and working NEMA23 stepper motor, the original NEMA17 didn’t have enough power


Excellent showcase Johnathan!

some more scans done with the INSPIRE ( delayed by some computer problems, they don’t like being dropped :man_facepalming: )

my customer borrowed the inlet manifold from a friend of his and wanted to copy it but upgraded to individual throttle bodies ( ITBs ) the original setup had a plenum chamber and single throttle body

new manifold designed in Fusion 360

the throttle body has a bit of noise on it because I didn’t have any scanning spray on it but I only used if for a basic reference not for any actual dimensions

‘O’ ring grooved version, I will probably use a standard gasket cut on my laser cutter instead of ‘O’ rings that are originally used


somehow I missed this cool showcase-thread.Nice scans, nice reverse engineering, nice stepcraft mill :slightly_smiling_face: