Rilot - INSPIRE 3D Scanner Showcase

Learn more about INSPIRE:

Inspire is a lovely little thing and from my time with it, a perfect introduction to scanning. The results you can get with it with very little practice are fantastic, and at the price-point it’s launching at on Kickstarter it significantly lowers the cost of entry to this fantastic hobby.

Revopoint have knocked it out of the park… again.

First up, the David sculpture.

Next, I scanned a battery for my DJI Mini 3 Pro:

A battery for a power tool:

A really ugly soft toy

A power tool

I thought I’d try something really smooth so had a go at my headphones case:

Then, as a torture test, one of the earbuds. I’d normally use Mini for something this small but Inspire did really well.

I wanted to try something aluminium and shiny-ish. The spare clutch slave cylinder from my car seemed like a good idea:

Next up, the benchy of the scanning world. A shoe. The colour scan is only vertex colour as I had to do it in multiple sessions and merge.

Another power tool

And finally, a torture test. This a quick-change tool for my lathe. Very shiny with lots of angles. I think Inpire did really well here. The scan isn’t going to win a beauty contest but it’s dimentionally accurate and good enough to build CAD from.


Very nice showcase Andrew ! :clap::clap::clap:

My hat

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Wooden door wedge

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Updated scans of the two batteries now I’ve spent some more time with the scanner



4 scans taken and merged. Fused at 0.25 and simplified at 20%. Mesh level 5.




Sea star

ImageToStl.com_merge_01_meshcenter (1)


Ram’s horn


Lamb model


Wooden bird


Great showcase Andy !

I Like the finished models and versatile scans … Well done !

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Check out the detail on this screwdriver handle. Amazing it manages to pick up the grips.

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Yes very surprised by that … super clean and detailed !

OK, time for a practical implementation of Inspire.

I have a DJI Mini 3 Pro which is a fantastic little drone with one flaw; it has no fan and so will overheat and shut down if you try to use it as a ground camera. It has ducts running through the body for cooling but these are only functional when the props are spinning. We need to give it some help.

So, I want to make a mount so that an 80mm fan can blow air down these ducts:

I don’t want to recreate the entire drone in cad. I only want the top surface and the rear arms. So, let’s scan.

The scan is not manifold and has lots of stuff I don’t want. Also, it’s way too detailed.

First, let’s cut it up using the plane cut tool in Revoscan.

Then we fill the holes using the Plane method.

Then simplify the mesh. We’re aiming for 10k triangles or fewer. It looks bad but is perfect for what we’re going to do with it:

We add it in to Fusion 360 and align it to X, Y and Z
Then we go to the Mesh menu and Modify, and Convert.

It will complain that there are too many triangles but after a minute or so, you will have a solid body from your mesh.

I’m not going to go through the design process for the object in Fusion 360 because there are tons of guides on how to CAD and that’s not the purpose of this forum. But, I designed a duct that is approximately the right size. I need it to fit perfectly against the Mini 3 Pro’s body.

We then apply a combine operation, using the scan of the Mini 3 Pro as the tool.

After a few seconds, the part has been shopped to have a perfect outline of the Mini 3 Pro

Over to the 3d printer (a Bambu X1 Carbon in this case) and we have our part:

Looks good, but does it fit?



Captain America toy

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I thought I’d try a selfie. Quite impressed that it managed to pick up my beard and make a reasonable go of it.



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Mother and Child sculpture

Vertex colour


Blender animation

I love how this came out. Look at the tool-marks on the mother’s dress.

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Can Inspire do things that are really small? Like, 3cm small?

Yes, yes it can.


Pretty good effort considering the size. No spray or anything. Just marker mode, single rotation at 65s/rot

NOTE : Please remember that INSPIRE 3D scanner is not advertised to scan miniatures. It will not replace MINI. Just because we - as Beta testers - are pushing it to its limits to see its hardware potential with our scanning skills and practice, don’t means that this capability is what is advertised or claimed by Revopoint. Please always relay on the specifications of a 3D scanner your purchasing according to your needs provided by Revopoint, and you will be never disappointed .