Scanning Matching Problems with turntabel

I´ve got always some problems in scanning test of a sport shoe. Without changing anything it lost its scanning results an duplicates the scan results within a different position.Same problem is within high accurate mode an fast scan mode.
Why is this happening?

Thanks for your support.

Here is a screen capture movie → vimeo Link of this problem:

I am puzzled. You set the New Scan mode to “Dark”, but the Depth Camera’s Brightness was set to 1, when it should have been 8.

You’ll need a higher Brightness setting to capture the darker material in the shoe. I think you were lucky to get part of it, but it was still incorrect.

Thx for your message. My target was to get the bright parts of the shoes first and than pause scanning and restart scanning agin with higher brightness of the depth camera to get the best out of the dark parts. Like shown in this tutorial of revopoint. But stil i do not understand why it doubles my scanning results on different positions.

It is losing tracking. There are a couple ways to deal with this:

  1. Try to make sure that enough unique features are always in the frame to minimize tracking loss.
  2. Adjust the position of the POP or the shoe before scanning to, maybe, help.
  3. Use Marker mode on the turntable or the shoe (keep at lest 6 markers in the frame at all times and make sure they do not form a repeating pattern).
  4. Scan small areas of the shoe at a time, saving each scan to a separate file, then merge them in Revo Studio. This will require enough of an overlap so that the automatic option works or that you can easily see where each section is for the manual merge operation.