Dual Axis Turntable multiple view scan - MINI

Hi, I Am trying to scan an object which needs multiple views (positions). The first scan it’s fine, the turntable works well but once it finishes and i want to scan again in another position the turntable doesn’t run. I Am missing anything? Thank you for helping, Carlo.

Hi @CDC you need to start a new scan session for each scan , you can’t just change position and continue .

The Dual Axis setting will works only for one scanning session , you saving your model and start a new session and after you are done you merge the 2 scans in Revo Studio .

1 scan session is good for models that have flat bottom, but for other objects you need multiple scans anyway .
So in place of making 3 or more sessions , you will need just 2 .

Hi @PUTV thank you for your reply, if a shame the dual axis does one session only. I hope it’s going to be added in the next software update.

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I asked them already to allow second turn to be added of the same cycle, as right now even the same cycle can’t be repeated.

The turntable do not synchronize with the scanner , it is just a simple command action while pressing the play button .

Nothing advanced but it could be done for sure .

Yes it’s what i thought and expecting :slight_smile:

Hope it will be realeased soon, as it is now gets too complicated to use for multiple scan.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi @PUTV i tried to merge 2 scans but i always get the issue you can see on the picture.
I tried many different scans but always the same problem.

Do you have any idea why it doesn’t work?

Thanks, Carlo.

Hello Carl , this is not easy project you got here , and because of the lack of features on both scans the automatic alignment may not works as expected .

You will need to set the marker point manually , telling the software where to find the matching points

Check my video about merging in Revo Studio manually using markers .

Also before you process merging , you need to clean both scans from anything that don’t belongs to the final scanned object like for example the scanned dots and other artifacts . The video below should give you an idea, just scroll to the Revo Studio part .

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Ok i will try, let you know.


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