How to scan with a portable turntable and the Range?

Hi guys, I don’t understand how to scan with the portable turntable. With the last Revo Scan V5.4.1 it losts tracking from the first frames. The Revopoint assistant tell me to download Handy Scan from App Store but i don’t find the app on the store. How it works? thank you

Do you mean the large turntable or the small desktop one? Either way, you don’t need the phone app (although it does make things a little nicer). This is only for the dual axis turntable or the large turntable.
The phone remote controller is called Revo Assistant and you can get it here: Best 3D Scanning Software-Revo Scan 5

However, something else is going on. What are you trtying to scan? Does it have features the scanner can track? At what range are you scanning (keeping the range meter in Excellent or Good is mandatory)?

Thank you for the replay. I have a Range scanner and the portable turntable,
this one " Revopoint Portable Turntable - Ciano Shapes "

I trying to scan a little statue (25 cm height), or a shoe. I tried to keep in the renge Excellent or Good.

With free hand the scanner works, but on the turtable
it immediately loses the tracking. It is the first time than i try to scan with the turntable and i dont understand where i wrong

Hi @Giovanni this portable turntable don’t needs any apps , it is portable stand alone turntable .

If you lose tracking , it means the objects don’t have enough features .

Shoe can be scanned but there is a question , what material is used for the shoe , did you set Depth Camera exposure to Auto ?

It is hard to guess your issue without actually seeing what you doing and your software settings , a screenshot at least would be helpful

Set the turntable on slower rotation if you can , make sure you monitor your scanned object in Depth Cam view so it is visible all the time at a excellent/ good distance , start from top and move slowly down to capture your figure .
Capture one 360 degrees rotation and move down to next section , while your object rotate on the turntable

Make sure you use 3D spray if your scanned object is shiny, metal, black plastic , wax, resin , black acrylic paint .

ah ok, then the Revo Scan 5 should work.
I used the Auto mode exposure, it was at a good/exellent distance and the rotation was slowly, i’ll try to do it more slowly. But too many problems for an 800 euro scanner.
Tomorrow i will try. thank you

and also don’t forget to adjust distance setting so no (stationary!) background is being captured as it confuses the scanner and the aligning of the frames!

That are not hardware issue with a scanner , that are the usage issue as 3D structured light scanners have some specific rules that need to apply while using it . It is also not a photogrammetry camera taking pictures .
Range is the most easy to use scanner of them all .

I think little more practice and education will make things perfect for you, once you better understand how your new tool works .

After all expensive DSLR camera don’t makes anybody pro photographer over night either, every new tool needs some learning curve to master it .

After all 3D Scanning service is one of the most expensive 3D services for a reason .

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thank you.