Scanning large objects with Range 2 - any tips?

I have some large object to scan. Tree trunks, around 8 foot long which are laying down.

I’m open to any tips, but here are my questions.

1 - Is there a recommended scan pattern to make when scanning such a large area?
Side to side, change the height a bit, then go back etc. Single scan.
Side to side, pause the scan, change height, then press scan again
Up and down

2 - If I scan from further away, would I get a lower resolution? I don’t need high resolution, 5mm would be enough.

3 - The trunks are laying down, so I need to scan, then pause and roll the trunks and scan the bottom. What’s the best way to make sure these scans fuse well.

Hi @tonty

All depends of your object features and how well it holds the tracking while scanning , don’t go full 8 ft scan , chop it in 4 sections to merge later.

Check if you need High speed 16 for large object or standard .

Keep at max 2000 frames per one scan , all depends of what you using for scanning , phone , tablet,laptop

Practice on some couch before you go out in the field .

Remember no sun light allowed .

If you use high speed 16 fps and large object settings , you may have more success to scan it at once ( one side ) it is better to scan parts than pause and rotate as with that you may destroy the first scan if you lose tracking .

Everything depends of the scanned object here so practice first and keep the distance on between Excellent and Good .

How far you go away of the object , his less accuracy you will get . If you scan parts keep the distance steady to avoid seams after merging .

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Really useful - thank you

What about having to move the trunks so I can scan the bottom. How should I do this?

Just roll it on top , make sure you scan enough overlapped area other way you can’t merge them later .
If you can make them standing vertical it would be the best choice and scan them at once .