Range Issues - Scans drifting and trailing

So, I started using a Microsoft Surface. It’s an i5 - 6th gen with 8gb of Ram.

I’m trying to scan larger objects - large signs to cars but have found the Range drifting off somewhere else haven’t. These objects are not sprayed.

I’m trying to figure out whether it’s the software, the device, or Revoscan 5.

Any help would be great.

It’s been frustrating and consuming a lot of time.

Hi! Can you show some of your scans and objects you want to scan?

So the object is a large building sign.

I’d get good tracking then all of sudden it shifts.

O switched to an i7 7th gen 16gb ram and the software runs better but still similar issues.

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Video of the event

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Too regular surface, therefore it looses tracking. Use markers of any kind!

@Goon Please use marker tracking for this parts, also a video for your reference: Revo Bootcamp - How to Use Marker Tracking (Part 1) - YouTube

I do agree , use marker mode , each marker at max 8 cm distance keeping at least 3-4 all the time in the FOV , and fir the size use Body mode with proper distance .

Unfortunately I cannot use markers on the surface.

Scanning sub might be an option. For these particularly objects, I’m looking to avoid any sort of use of adhesives that could damage the surface and looking for an non-invasive approach.

Markers are stickers , if you don’t press in too much it is so easy to remove it after , I did that countless times on many surfaces .

Set Range in Body mode , keep proper distance and try to scan a small section at a time , one by one then merge it together after .
Looking at that picture , it should be not big issue .
General mode request the scanner to be closer, how closer you get how more features you need , try Body mode , as it will give you the proper range for this size . You can place different objects around the sign and later remove it easily. It will helps to keep the tracking .

As already mentioned, you can also just put some tape on it and it might help to go a little further away to have a better overall view

Again, I’m unable to use any sort of adhesives. Paint can be friable and unstable, so it’s safer to avoid this process for my application.

The body mode sounds like something to test out.

magnetic markers?