Range : Scanning Complex Curved Items

I’m wondering how to scan this item. It has curves in all 3 dimensions and can only think about maybe putting a string on it and tying the string to the roof or something.

For a different project, I need to scan in a particular camera and create STL file, but have it in text so I can modify it. Does the range scanner create STL files that can be read?

Sadly not , not enough features here to be scanned on a string , you need to put it flat on a table , put some crumbled paper under to allow you keep tracking , scan the top first then the bottom and merge it together after removing the parts from the scan that don’t belong …
Then after meshing you can export it as STL .
Revo Scan 5.2.0 create STL files , Range only scan data that the software convert to 3D model files .

It is going to be little challenge , but not impossible .

I would put a cardboard and bunch of small 1-2cm irregular shaped stuff on it the surface (like gravel or toys or something). This will be your tracking surface. Then put on the centre something like a soda can or something that will act as a spacer to keep the object you are scanning above the tracking surface.
This way you won’t loose tracking, and can get most of the object scanned (top surface and sides/depth).
Do it for other side too.
Clean the scan data, align both parts and you’ll get nice model.

Ok, I figured out I had to first paint it with some flat gray, which seems to be scanning good, but it keeps disconneting. The scanner disconnects in the middle of the scan and gives me the message “Allow Revo Scan to access REV_PRODUCT.” So I say OK and it scans a little longer, but quits again and again. So frustrating! Also I can’t send feedback on the rev scan software on my phone. For some reason it says it has trouble sending.

Looks like to me you are using USB connection with your phone right? This is OTG issue , happening to me on one of my phones all the time to the point that I switched to WiFi .
Sadly the OTG on your phone is the issue that can’t handle steady the data flow .
Make sure you powering the scanner well with power bank 2Am .

If still causes issues switch to WiFi , the results are the same scanning using WiFi so you lose nothing on the quality .

Sadly nothing you or REVOPOINT can do with this OTG issue , it is related to the phone manufacturer. You can’t fix hardware using software.

Try to send feedback on your phone app before you connect your scanner and see if it works … you can always post your feedback in the forum under Support and Feedback .
Or use computer app to send your feedback .

yeah, that was it! I was using the wrong cord. Now I’m using the one that has connection to scanner, phone, and USB for power. I was just powering the scanner with my phone before. Now I don’t lose connection, thanks! So I did my first scan and it doesn’t look anything like the item, so now I need to play with that.

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Yes… using just one cable is the wrong way , you need the split cable and separate power supply …

Anyway one problem solved at least :wink: