Scanning duration

I just got my POP2 3D Scanner and hooked it up to a highend Dell Laptop running the latest Windows 10 updates. I selected a small object (slightly bigger than a golf ball) object - a frog sitting on a rock, to scan. I started the scan and after 5 hours it had collected 87k frames. The app then crashed.

Ok, this was my first attempt but isn’t 5 hrs a long time? Did the app crash because it couldn’t get a good scan (Revo Scan said 'excellen’t when scanning) of the object.

I understand it does take ‘some’ practice but this seems extreme. Any thoughts/pointers?

You have to manually stop the scan, one rotation of the object, like 1 minute. Then stop the scan.

If you just let run continuously, it is filling your hard drive with unusable frames…

Ah! Ok, that ‘sort of’ makes sense. I was watching the point cloud being built and the ‘blue’ cloud was getting better definition as I let it run so I figured it just had to run its course. So it only takes a single rotation…fine by me, thanks.

It would be a nice feature add to have the Revo Scan app stop after ‘x’ rotations…at least as an option.


You need only around 380 frames per rotation , flip it on the side and scan another rotation .

Sometimes people like to scan a larger objects at once or use dual turntable so option to stop scanning after one rotation is not much usable here .Check my TY channel, you may find there something to help you out with the process

Thanks for the heads up on the manual stop of scanning. I got a good scan of the supplied figure BUT when I opened the .stl file in Cura, the model was sideways, i.e. lying on its side. I rotated it up 90 degrees and it looks good but is the ‘export’ always sideways, or do I need to set some setting somewhere?

The object will always in the position you finished scanning it , so start scanning in the side and then finish when it is up right or scan up right and then finish on the side.

… On the other hand sadly not all software uses the same XYZ positions , for some X is the Y or Y is the Z .
So I often have the models on the side even if scanned upright and there is nothing you can do about .
Cura uses Z for up right , my software uses Y so all models ends sideways in cura .

I’m a tad confused. I scanned it upright as I thought that was all I needed to do. You seem to be saying I need to scan it on multiple planes? I understand from your response that the ‘Z’ of the scan ‘might be’ the ‘X’ of Cura…ok, I can get that but not sure about the scan on the side and then scan upright.

Thanks for all your advice and help. Is there a “dummies” book that would fill in some of my obvious missing ‘basic’ understanding?

I think it would be less confusing for you to just scan the way you do and just change the position in cura , the easy way and less complicated hassle with it and definitely fastest .

There is not really a book for beginners, but most of tutorials you can find on YT , Revopoint have also lots of videos just check their channel.
You can also find some tutorials in the tutorials forum section.

That would really be a nice feature to have revopoint software to stop the turntable after x rotation. Also if the turn table could start automatically when you click the start button to capture the points.