Scanning experience update (includes more tripod views)

Just an update after using my POP2 for over a month now….

Results continue to amaze me. I recently had a difficult job - scanning a glossy black object. I had some difficulty until I used a scanning spray (AESUB Blue). Results using the spray are fantastic!

The other thing I did was an accuracy test and achieved a result of 0.14mm. Which is more then needed for my tasks.

My only complaint remains the tripod. In the past I have been critical of this part and considered it poor quality. I can now revise that view and consider it absolute rubbish! One of the legs broke off simply pushing the extension downwards! The hinge part of the legs is very weak (see photos). I fully understand the concept that Revopoint want to achieve (quick connect and up/down motion) but this part simply lets the complete package down. Everything else is SO GOOD…. The scanner itself, the turn table and the carry case etc.

I hope this is addressed in the future and a more robust tripod supplied.


Re Tripod Repair:

There is a simple mod/repair job that I have now done to avoid this tripod going to landfill….
The photos explain the repair and strengthening of the parts.


If you ever need a new tripod and have a 3d printer, Matvey Kukuy created one and put it online for free - Printables - I did print it and it works great except I have problems with the shaft breaking but I don’t need that part anyway. Here is a pic of the tripod holding my POP. Multiple colors are because I ran out of filament as it was printing and switched to another color to finish :slight_smile:


Nice one Mike ! I just released I need it for my Revo LED lights … however I have plenty of metal 1/4 threads so going to replace the plastic one.

Could you give some details about the Revo LED lights used please?? Do you use it on most jobs and what is the color temperature. Great IR free tip…

I have some small DIY ones I made (used with my cameras for the video feed for OctoPrint on my 3D printers) but never thought of using them with the turntable…

Great job on the 3D printed tripods! For me, I’m avoiding plastic joints, threads and connection parts in favor of metal parts. Even in ABS I haven’t had good long term life.

The Revo LED has a warmer tone so it works well with MINI affecting less the Blue Lights and gain .
For POP2 really not matters what color temperatures but natural day light is preferred .
I got the be from Revo Store but then found the same one on Amazon
I like to use it on the go , very strong light so I always use it with on lowest settings.

I am printing the tripod, 18h total at 0.16mm as recommended, will replace the 1/4 and 3/8 with metal one .
It will be a nice addition to my scanning station inside my Photo lightbox when using MINI .

The LED is exactly the same just different logo .

ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light w 3 Cold Shoe, Rechargeable Soft Light Panel, Portable Photography Lighting for DJI OSMO Sony DSLR Canon Camera GoPro Vlogging


Thanks, so from your experience, when would the LED light source actually benefit a scan (POP2)? Given we are talking IR a can’t see big benefits?? I think I’ve missed the obvious here :thinking:

The only benefit here is if you scan in color . Or scan using marker mode or calibration.
POP2 works fine with any LED light , no limitations , but worthless outdoors.

MINI is more picky about indoor light but no issues outdoors . Reverse situation .

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Hi Mike , it printed so well , but once I installed the legs they did not moved easily and with little pressure it just broke off easily :frowning_face:

The other threads and parts worked just fine .

I followed closely the instructions .

The legs were a bit tight on mine too. It is made to just stay open it seems. Just a tip, make sure you have the legs on the right way as I had them backwards the first time lol I never had a leg break yet, just that shaft piece. I told the creator about it in the comments but I really didnt need the shaft anyway. I just put my DSLR on the tripod with a 200mm zoom lens on it and the flash and it held it just fine. Maybe there was a printing error at the leg clips on yours?

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The clips has a weak point as all 3 legs clips broke on the same point when I tried to set them in standing position , I was printing them solid . . The clips should be on the base , would be less issues with breaking them . I may redesign them and try again.
When you printing to the base without a support , it possible the other part just sunk a little bit that why it was tight when I tried to open the legs for the standing position .

I agree on the poor quality of the tripod that comes with POP2. With mine, the three screws that hold the hinges of the legs just broke out at day four. The tripod that came with POP(1) seems to have been better, but unfortunately they aren’t interchangable without some disassembling und reassembling.