Scan of bas relief

Good morning I tryed to scan a bas relief, but with big problem, now I download new version and seems
was better.
I have problem to scan the lateral part of the basrelief… and some underpart…

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When folds in curved surfaces are deep enough, the sensors cannot see the projector’s pattern inside the fold; the problem is that the walls of the fold project high enough to hide the center area.

Try rotating the POP so that it can see the pattern. This is especially important if the fold forms a line or curve at the bottom of the fold.


When I try to rotate many times lose the path… I don’t know if i go too fast or what happen…
and many time the laser put some part of the scan in ather part of the model…

In that case is planar but it lose the scan became red i try to come back into the path but it looks like the image the hand was put to the left… in that case how I must do??? were I make mistake??’
Another think is better have a light or not???

You really only need the light if you are texture/color scanning. If surface scanning, the light just reduces the effectiveness of the infrared laser scanning.

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I beacme to understand ho to do…
I have always problem with undersquare… and to keep the deepest of the pieces…

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For that I have problem because of planar surface, the laser make a lot of problem to keep allineed the surface

the scan was very difficolt, I don’t undestand beca some time the laser keep the back surface and sometime no…


For the part in the red circle (below image), you should use the Marker mode since it has a simple geometric feature. You can check this post: [Guide] How to Scan Object with Marker Mode

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Some great scans!

BTW on the plaque/shield, you can also balance some objects on the surface (clay?) like coins, dice, nuts, bottle caps etc so the POP can track a ‘feature’. Pushing dots into this might be tricky, after you finish scanning bring the mesh into a program like Blender and cut around the features you added and then fill the surface. Because this is an ordered surface, you’ll never likely know the difference.