3d body scans and progress for art

Hey guys, wanted to share some of my journey.

I got involved with 3d printing and scanning this year as an attempt to bring something new to my studio photography. I was origionally inspired by the work of Nusi Quesro and Tom Fords Breast plate piece.

My initial attempts to create a 3d mesh were by the means of photogrametry. But I was fairly unsuccessful in that. The scale was off, and artifacts were unacceptable as it changed the geometry of the item I was making.

I was finally able to bring home a Pop2 in the middle of last year!

I made a 24" turntable with poles for the arms to stabilize her a bit. The whole process took about 10 mins. An uncomfortable amount of time to be standing tall and still… But we got it done.

My first scan had trouble as the scanner was tripod mounted, the range to the subject kept changing as shoulders moved in and out of frame, So I got a good amount of digital noise in the first scans. tracking was also… challenging…

But we eventually succeeded and got a full scan done that was useable after some smoothing due to digital noise.

This led to my first successful project of creating a basic chest plate by cutting away the parts I didn’t want and 3d resin printing them out. finished in Urethane automotive paint.

I have also been playing around with the same piece with other creative elements for digital rendering.

AND FINALLY, my grand opus

Using the scan, I was able to shape a 3d skeleton corset around my subject and print it out over several months to finish this project for Halloween.

As I move forward down this path, I am very much looking forward to the new Range product. As the scanning with the Pop2 was successful. It was also very slow and results were not guaranteed on the first try. If I can get a more reliable scanning process I can start expanding to other models that want to participate in the project.

But closer to a one min scan time is a must to be a smooth customer process.

Hope you guys got some inspiration!



I am curious, how accurate were the scans with the breastplate? Did you have to resize at all or once you fit it on the digital model did it fit perfect?

Proportions were spot on. The two challenges I had were the position to scan in. I had her in a light “t-pose” this caused her shoulders to rise and a slight misfit when standing. and two… It was so accurate I knew that she gained weight since the scan :rofl:

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A-pose is the best for this kind of work , think about a suit , can’t be designed in t-pose to looks proper .
Anyway great work !

I am sure you going to love Ranger scanner for your upcoming projects , as that is exactly what you need for fast scanning without wasting time of trying.
I am currently testing it on various models and even clothing , so very pleased with the results . The issue with tracking is virtually not existent.


I’m very curious on what the price point will be. but been waiting for this apparently late Nov KS campaign to start

I don’t think it gonna be much above the regular price range .
BTW I would not expect the KS Campaign this year , not enough time left plus it would interupt the national holidays so no possible. Probably after Feb 5th 2023, there is no rush and Range deserve all the attention and polishing it needs, because it really becomes my new favorite for any object above 15-20 cm in size and of course especially for Full Body Scans as that will be your new game breaker here and best tool you can have in your 3D work .

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