Scan dark and shiny object

Just received the Inspire which will be my first 3d scanner.
I’ve started reading the manuals and also been reading about 3d scanning in general, since I’m a complete newbie in these subjects.
I would to do a test 3d scanning an ice hockey helmet which is mostly black and shiny.
Already have dry shampoo.
Any other advices/tips/suggestions?
Thank you.

Anything that can dull the surface will work. It’s worth investing in some proper scanning spray such as that from Aesub or Abtlime.
For a helmet that is likely to be pretty featureless and round, marker mode is a good option. You could use the scanning mat which will be large enough to sit the helmet on, and then walk around it while scanning from all angles. You won’t be able to re-position to continue and scan the underneath though. You will have to take a second scan and then merge them. Marker mode can’t deal with re-positioning because it’s tracking the markers rather than the object.