Pop3 Dark area scans

I am currently using a Pop 3 to scan some action figures. I use color mode as they will be used in animations. There are dark spots like the hands and where some of the body parts have dark armor, etc. These are just showing up as noise in the scans. I have set it to also scan a dark object with no luck. I don’t really want to use clear scanning spray because ethe price is crazy for some.

Are there any of you that have “been there and done that” with my issue and found a way to resolve this? It’s not really a high reflective surface issue just dark or black not reflecting back.

Any help would be awesome! Thank you all!

Hi @Jaebrav81

you are using 3D structured light scanner , it can’t scan all surfaces , since some of the surface absorbing infrared light or are not proper reflecting back the projected pattern .

Nothing to do with the scanner , you need to use 3D spray or cover the surfaces with 3D liquid spray to be able to capture it .
that include surface like black acrylic paints, reflective metals, glass, black resin , wax , black plastic or black rubber or silicone.
and any black materials that was produced using oil … what give them high level of IOR - index of refraction

so if the dark armor was painted with the specific paint , it dark mode do not works , you need to cover it to be able to can it … that are rules of 3D scanning

you see the scanner projects a infrared pattern and the sensors need to read the pattern and the distortions that happening on the surface , if the surface do not reflect it back to the sensors it can’t be visible … same as you project a movie on a dark painted doors VS white screen projector . The sensors need to clearly see the patterns to be able to produce 3D surface .

so what I do in that case , I use vanishing 3D spray and paint the parts with a brush , then I have 2 hours to scan it before it vanish … and for other objects that can be washable I use zinc oxide mixed wit alcohol or any starch you have at home , rice starch or corn starch … mix with rubbing alcohol and paint the areas with a brush , slightly just to be frosted … nit need to be white so less is better . you can after use a clean brush and brush it off or vacuum it off .

I hope it explains

That was very helpful!

I will give it a shot and see what I can get to show up good.