Scan Object with White and Black Features

I have an object to 3D scan that has both white and black features. What’s the easiest way to accomplish a successful scan? I just purchased the Miraco.

I would suggest a spray for making the dark areas stand out. There are commercially available options or you can make your own with isopropyl alcohol and zinc oxide or baby powder. Foot sprays also work and are a cheap option.

Are you trying for a full color scan? If so I’m not sure the best way to get the texture of the black to come out. Maybe a light misting of the spray…

Using the dark object feature option in the menu helps a little bit on some objects, thats worth a try in this case.

If you have objects with white and black color you need to cover the black areas or you will get different dimension than the white area if you use darker mode and Auto exposure .

3D spray or paint the dark area with water color white paint if the object can be washable other way use vanishing 3D spray for best results .