Any tips for shiny metal parts?

I am new to 3d scanning. I have not yet completed a good scan. But, had some success with light colored items (white). I really need to do shiny metal items, and they dont seem to scan well at all. May I have some advice on how to start?


Hi @martinav

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For shiny objects you should use some scanning spray, or cornstarch or baby powder would work.

Please check out these posts, I believe they can help you. If you have any more questions, please let me know.

Hi Rod ,

For all shiny, black, transparent materials you need to prepare the surface correctly .
There are many ways to do it , even a slightly dusting with a dry hair shampoo can help you out if you are on a budget .

Remember that the scanner project a pattern on the surface , if the pattern can’t reflect back to the sensors , it can’t be scanned .
Make sure you prepare the surfaces well … don’t overdo it less is more .

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