Scan and print in smaller

After a presise scan, here are the same art object printed in smaller proportion (as the artist asked me )
The scan result are perfect directly out of the scanner, I just modified a little bit the face and the reduce the belly. And also smoothed them because the artist don’t want all the bumps made from clay.

This time I will not show the stl preview, to avoid any copy of this object.


Beautiful work. This and your other scans let the rest of us who are still waiting feel hopeful (thank you!)! Can I ask how you did the smoothing?


With all that things lol.
I use Autodesk Mudbox + xp-pen artist 15.6


Beautiful work… looking forward to more!

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Gratula! Szép munka!
Szerencsés vagy. Tudom kiválasztottak.
Félek idén nem jutok hozzá a scanneremhez, pedig jócskán az első ötezerben vagyok…

Gratula mégegyszer! Jó munkát vele!

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Szia, persze hogy meg fogod kapni,
Màr kuldik oket mindenkinek, lassan.

(bocsi de nehéz magyarul irni Francia klaviaturàn :stuck_out_tongue:

I reduced one of my carvings that I can give to a family member who’s been eyeing my original. The random lines across the mini are results of printing, not the scan. I scanned this by placing the model on the turntable then scanning one revolution before pausing the scan. I then raised the Pop on the tripod and started the scan again. I did this 4 times to ensure a complete scan of the original. I’m happy to say that the Pop fits nicely on my camera tripod allowing a little more flexibility in scanner height and stability when the scanner was almost over top of the model to catch the last of the details.

This last picture shows some of the details that were obscured by paint.