My first scan and print

My first scan and print. Printed on a delta wasp 2040. Ran out of junk filament and had to change. Made kind of an interesting print. Since I have designed various pieces of image acquisition hardware and software i am impressed with the performance of the POP. What an improvement over having to go through the complexities of photogramitry.

My plan is to use the scanner mostly for head and full body scanning. Probably focused on babies children and families.

My main frustration was navigating the labyrinth of the website to finally download the software.


Im on the same ship.
I want to scan people head, print it out, and cooper plate it. Then sell as a bust.

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Hi @Farmer-Kerry

Thank you for sharing your scan result! It looks good. I wish you success in your business.

Sorry for the inconvenience of finding the software. Can you share a suggestion or example about the download page position? We will keep improving the user experience.

Best Regards