A POP II scan of a fish figurine

It’s me again with a video link to share. I had this fish thing… I think it’s to drop your change in or something like that, and it’s probably old. It came from my dad’s house when I cleared it out after he passed. Just one of those unusual things I like to scan.


How about scanning a small figure…?

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The quality of the POP 2 looks outstanding. I’m very impressed by how fast it can lock the tracking after repositioning the object.


I’m continually looking for suitable small subjects to scan. I don’t think any scanner in this price category can acquire enough points from a tiny item to produce a detailed model. I got a halfway decent scan of small crystal bear by spraying it, but there was so little detail to start with that I wouldn’t call it super successful. The object’s largest dimension did not exceed 50mm.

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Maybe having some peanut shell laying around? :grin: